Chicken Main Course Gravy Menu

Chicken Main Course Gravy Menu

Zafrani Chicken Korma

Delicate pieces of fresh chicken cooked in a spicy onion paste, and creamy yogurt with zafran to perfection.

White Chicken

Chunky pieces of fresh chicken marinated in cashew nut paste and Indian spices cooked in an exclusive white gravy to perfection.

Chicken Kadai

Fresh chicken cooked with chopped tomatoes and onion in a semi-thick sauce with Indian spices to perfect.

Butter Chicken (Full / Half)

Hailed directly from the Punjabi kitchen, shredded fresh chicken marinated overnight and cooked in a smooth buttery tomato gravy make it an all-time classic Indian delicacy.

Chicken Patiala

Boneless chunks of fresh chicken are marinated overnight, grilled and cooked in a smooth buttery tomato-based gravy and garnished with boiled egg to give it a classic finish.


Flavourful smooth flour-based fresh chicken stew slow cooked in simmer fire in a myriad of spices.

Chicken Leg Barra

Fresh grilled chicken cut into pieces and cooked with mix of spices in a smoked Indian gravy.

Murg musallam

Fresh whole chicken marinated overnight and grilled, cooked with a fine pasted cashew nut gravy and garnished with beetroot, boiled egg, and coriander.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chunks of fresh chicken pieces roasted and tossed in a thick spicy buttery gravy to perfect, It’s one of the most popular Indian sides of all time across the globe.

Egg curry (2pcs of egg)

Whole boiled fresh egg cooked with onion and tomato gravy infused with the secret Indian spices in-house.