Mutton Main Course Gravy Menu

Mutton Main Course Gravy Menu

Mutton Masala Fry

Fresh mutton cubes slow cooked in a blend of in-house spices and gravy to perfection.

Mutton UP STYLE Korma

Fresh Mutton cubes slow cooked with fresh cream and creamy yogurt in an Indian spice for hours.

White Nalli gosht

Fresh Mutton shanks marinated in creamy yogurt, organic cashew nut paste, fresh mint & spices cooked in rich Indian White gravy.

Mutton Nihari

Flavourful smooth flour-based fresh mutton stew slow cooked in simmer fire in a myriad of spices.

Mutton Kadai

Fresh Mutton cooked with in-house spices, tomatoes, and onion in a think spicy Indian brown gravy to perfection.

Dal Gosht Rice

Fresh Mutton chunks cooked with spices & lentils accompanied with premium Basmati rice.

Palak Gosht 5 pieces with bone

Hailed from Hyderabad – Chunks of boned fresh mutton pieces cooked with farm fresh spinach to perfection.

Mutton Tikka Masala

Chunks of boneless pre marinated fresh mutton pieces grilled and tossed to perfection on a spicy red Indian gravy.

Lucknowi Gosht Nihari

An authentic lucknowi delicacy – Fresh Mutton Shank pieces slow cooked under simmer flame with all-time unbeatable mutton paya stock.

Aloo gosht 4pieces of mutton with bone.

Potatoes cooked with spicy brown Indian gravy to make it a thick stew with chunks of fresh mutton pieces to perfect the delicacy.

Mutton Kheema

It’s a Mughlai dish prepped with fresh minced mutton, cooked with green chillies and Indian spices to perfection.

Dabba Gosht

Fresh Mutton boneless cubes cooked until its semidry in a mildly spiced Indian gravy and garnished with fresh egg and salli.

Bheja tawa

Freshly cut Goat brain made into pieces and sautéed in a spicy cashew nut and tomato based Indian gravy in pahadi style cooked flawlessly.

Salli Boti

It’s a Parsi style fresh mutton cooked to perfection with local Indian hot spices, tomatoes, onion, and vinegar, accompanied by fried potato sticks.